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  • Chef Marissa Menth

Cake Tasting Like A Royal

Your Own Royal Wedding Cake Tasting

By Chef Marissa Menth

The Royal Wedding is ONLY 2 WEEKS away for Royal Highness Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank! If you’re like me and love weddings you might treat it like a holiday! They are said to be having a formal reception brunch, with an informal evening festival. This allows for a fun and interesting mix for the menu planning!

Party Planning is the key to make any event such as a royal wedding or your very own wedding a smashing hit! Whether you are entertaining the Queen or your future Mother-in-Law, here are some tips to help you breathe easy through the dessert planning process.

1. Know your Budget: Keep in mind desserts can get expensive depending on the intricate details and quality of baker you choose for your special occasion. Be prepared with some ideas of different designs for decorations and be open to options the baker may present to you. Some options may include a smaller display cake, real flowers vs. sugar flowers, serve smaller slices, and keep it simple. Simple is elegant and budget friendly.

2. Know the Flavor and Design: Discuss with your fiancé what your likes and dislikes are in flavor profiles before attending a cake tasting. Your opinion matters most, it’s your special day, and therefore you should pick your top five favorite cake flavors. The options are limitless from unique flavors such as pink champagne or hazelnut- almond to traditional flavors such as, vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry. The cake design is just as important as the flavor, it gives the “WOW” factor at the reception! The design showcases your style and taste, options range from rustic, elegant, and simple to name a few.

3. Time of Year: Are you having your celebration event in the winter, spring, summer, or fall? The time of year can affect the type of frosting you might choose, the seasonal fruit filling, flowers for decoration, and so much more. Winter makes me think of holidays, snowflakes, and cozying up by the fireplace. S’mores and a Hot Cocoa Bar would be a great addition to a Winter reception. Springtime, everything is in bloom! The flavors are light and refreshing, some ideas include: Lemon Chiffon, Strawberry, and Carrot Cake. Summertime means high temperatures, so you may want to stay away from buttercream frosting, as it may melt, fondant may be a better option. Fall’s best seasonal desserts generally use pumpkin, apples, and ginger.

4. Formal vs. Informal Desserts: Are you a traditionalist or trail blazer? Formal desserts, such as a tiered wedding cake are glimpses of the past. The latest trends include: “Loaded Cakes”, Candy and Popcorn Bars, Mini Hand Pies, DIY Cotton Candy, Cupcakes, and Doughnuts. The possibilities are endless and it gives you the opportunity to impress your guests by showcasing your creativity.

5. Day of Tasting: Eat before arriving for the tasting, you don’t want your hunger to dictate your decision. Keep the guest list minimal of who you bring with you to the tasting. The Bride and Groom’s opinions are really the ones who matter. Drink water in between tastings to cleanse your palette. Begin by tasting the lighter options then move towards the richer tasting cakes.

Cake tastings are delightful! It’s an experience for you to indulge in the sweeter side of planning an event. Make sure you have someone there taking notes and asking questions about the smaller details, such as delivery, presentation, deposit information. Making decisions while in a sugar “coma” can be challenging, so make sure you at least decide on flavor and general design, the other decisions can be made later. Happy Tasting!

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